object • noun | ob.ject /’ab-jikt/ 1. Anything that is visible or tangible and is relatively stable in form.

The function of a chair is clear and defined in how it has been constructed….strong, sturdy, comfortable.  However, the form of the chair is what pulls us first.  The color, contour, design…the simplicity or not.

There is no denying that somethings catch our eye and other things just don’t.  When form and function conjoin it is a perfect balance.  The point where something becomes of great use to us, unexpicitatly draws us to want to touch it, hold it, and sometimes have it.  This is Art.  This is how an individual defines themselves against others.  The draw towards the perfect balance in an object is what we individually call Art.
Is Art subjective?  You bet.

Revel in your subjective nature and fear no art…..for it is the provatation of thoughts and feelings that make our world.  Surround yourself with the objects of art that define you.

Create home.  Maybe, just maybe, Studio Three can lead you there.